Tutor and Turn

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Tutor and Turn held by The Rockhampton Woodworker’s Guild. It’s a three day event ( Friday afternoon to lunch on Sunday) held out at The Caves. It consists of a guest presenter, who demonstrates the different stages of turning a project, and then you go off to your own lathe (thankfully I was able to borrow one from my BIL) and do that particular piece of the project. The presenter moves around while you’re turning and offers advice on what you are doing. When you’ve finished that stage the presenter then shows you the next step. A great way to learn how to complete a project.

This year the presenter was Vaughn Richmond from Western Australia who took us through different aspects of turning a bowl and then adding colour and highlights to make it stand out. What’s different is that Vaughn doesn’t use normal chucks, but turns his own to suit, and then uses Hot Melt Glue to hold it together. It’s amazing how well the glue hold the project in place, and how hard it is to get the bowl out when you’ve finished.

I managed to turn three bowl over the weekend, and am quite happy with the results.

This is a Mango Bowl with some green  paint on the inside to highlight it a bit. I’m not happy with the way the colour turned out as the paint didn’t cover the grain evenly. I’ll put it back on the lathe and remove the colouring before I finish it off with some clear lacquer.

This is a small bowl out of Camphor Laurel. The base is turned to fit inside a piece of copper tubing to highlight the stand. The missing piece is from where I hit a crack and the side broke out. I thought it makes a great ” Design Feature” for the bowl. I need to tidy this up a bit as well, before I finish it.

This bowl is out of New Guiney Rose wood. Also with a base of some copper tubing. The inside is finished with copper leaf ( like gold leaf but cheaper). It also needs to be finished off before I can put it away.


I was introduced to this event by my brother-in-law who is a member of the club. It appears to be the only club in Australia that holds these types of events. I can honestly say that I had a great time and learnt a lot, not only from Vaughn but also all the other members who were there for the event. I will certainly be putting my name down to attend next years event.


Wedding Box

I made this box over a couple of months to give to a very good friend as a wedding present. Since I’d know Alan for quite some time I wanted to make it something special so they would have something to remember the occasion. I finally got to give it to them last month, so now I can put some picture up on this site to show it off. I sure hope he liked it.

The wood is Blackwood and has about 8 coats of Wipe on Poly to give it a nice deep colour. The handles, stays, hinges and catches are all solid brass.

The engraving on top was done by F&N Trophies here in Nowra. Thanks Frank it turned out amazing.

A Couple of Bowls

I had a bit of time in the shed this week so I thought I’d try my hand at a couple of bowls. A nice learning experience and a bit of a change from pens.
– First bowl is Blackwood (110 x 20 mm). I had a bit of cranky grain on the inside so I tried a Decorating Elf and added a bit of texture.
– The second bowl is a piece of Red Gum sleeper (150 x 45 mm) that I got off a friend.
Both bowls are finished with Ubeaut Aussie Oil.

I’ll have to try and spend a bit more time on bowls so I can upgrade my skills a bit.

Cotton Spools

Have a friend that goes to a Medieval Fair and wanted me to make up some cotton spools so she could sell them at the fair. These are just made out of pine and left raw (trying to tie into the medieval theme of things)  and have a hole in the middle, with a wooden plug, to store needles in.

Will have to wait until next month to get a report as to how they went. Hope people at the fair like them.

Cheese Board

I made up a Cheese Board, with a knife, for some friends to give as a Christmas present. The wood is Spotted Gum. The board itself is approximately 300 mm x 200 mm and about 40mm thick. The handle of the cheese knife is made from a piece of Walnut (I think). 

I routed some recesses in the end for handles and also routed a small groove for the knife to sit in and inserted a small magnet to hold the knife in place.

For what I heard the recipients were very happy with the present.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a good break. Sorry it’s been so long since I posted last but the end of the year got a bit busy and I ran out of time. Hope to do much better this year.
Starting off this year by going to the #JBMMmarkets Twilight Markets today (3 – 7 pm). Hopefully it will have cooled off a bit by then. Tomorrow sees us at Berry Markets. If you’re in the area stop in and say Hi.

I did manage to get a few things made before Christmas and hopefully I’ll be posting pics of these in the next couple of days.

Huon Pine Pen Order

Finished off this set of pens for some friends last week. Got the nod today that they had received them. Was a good set of pens to do. The box of three pens is a set of Vertex style pens with a Fountain Pen, Roller Ball and Pencil. All in chrome and Huon Pine. This set was a gift for Pauline Longdon on her becoming a #1 Bestseller for her book “From Depression Darkness to the Light of Life” from her partner Rae Brent. Hope you can use them to write the next bestseller.

The other boxed pen (one of four sets) is a Roman Harvest style Fountain Pen also in Huon Pine. The two dip pens are also in Huon Pine.

The two slimline pens at the front are made with Blackheart Sassafras. I changed out the clips and to add a bit of a personal touch for the new owners.

Hope that they will get many years of enjoyment out of them.