Cotton Spools

Have a friend that goes to a Medieval Fair and wanted me to make up some cotton spools so she could sell them at the fair. These are just made out of pine and left raw (trying to tie into the medieval theme of things)  and have a hole in the middle, with a wooden plug, to store needles in.

Will have to wait until next month to get a report as to how they went. Hope people at the fair like them.


Cheese Board

I made up a Cheese Board, with a knife, for some friends to give as a Christmas present. The wood is Spotted Gum. The board itself is approximately 300 mm x 200 mm and about 40mm thick. The handle of the cheese knife is made from a piece of Walnut (I think). 

I routed some recesses in the end for handles and also routed a small groove for the knife to sit in and inserted a small magnet to hold the knife in place.

For what I heard the recipients were very happy with the present.

Blackwood Bowl

I finished off this bowl a couple of weeks ago and I finally got around to showing it here. It’s made with a hunk of Blackwood that I had picked up somewhere. It’s about 200 mm Dia and 50 mm High. It’s finished with several coats of Ubeaut Aussie Oil. Still need to put a couple more coats of oil on it yet.

Another Weather Station

It’s been a while since I posted anything as I’ve been busy running around and looking after things ( as well as taking a nice holiday to Fiji).

I made this Weather Station and Clock before I left, but didn’t get time to post it. Hope you like them.

The Weather Station is on a bit of Sassafras I brought back from a trip to Tasmania last year and the Clock is in the remains of the Red Gum Burl that I did the last Weather Station in ( see the post below).

Will put these up at the markets this weekend and see how they go. Sold the last one very quickly at the stall I had at the markets last month.

Yellow Box

Had a friend drop off a couple of pieces of Yellow Box the other day (thanks Sam). Nice looking wood but unfortunately it’s not for me. He wants me to make him up a  couple of bowls from it.

Yellow Box for Bowls
Yellow Box for Bowls

Just waiting a little while for it to acclimatise to the local environment a bit and then I’ll see what I can do. There’s a bit of splitting on the ends so I’m hoping it doesn’t go in too far and I can get a decent sized blank out of them for the bowls. Keep watching for an update

Wood Shopping

Had a day out today and took a trip up to Bowral to get a few pieces of wood. Visited the guys at All Class Timber Services , and picked up some more pen blanks and a couple of bigger turning blanks.


Not too big of a haul but it will keep me out in the shed for a while. Thanks to Simon for looking after me today.

Work Bench 6 (Final)

Well finally got to be able to put some lacquer onto the bench. Put about 3 coats over most of it and about 6 on the top. Turned out nicely. Got all the draws back together, fitted the vice properly and secured down the top. Finally finished.

Work Bench (18)

Moved it into position and made it ready to use. Can’t wait to give it a work out next week. There will be some shelves appearing on the wall above it as they are required over the next few months.

Now onto cleaning up the shed and getting ready for the next project.