A Couple of Bowls

I had a bit of time in the shed this week so I thought I’d try my hand at a couple of bowls. A nice learning experience and a bit of a change from pens.
– First bowl is Blackwood (110 x 20 mm). I had a bit of cranky grain on the inside so I tried a Decorating Elf and added a bit of texture.
– The second bowl is a piece of Red Gum sleeper (150 x 45 mm) that I got off a friend.
Both bowls are finished with Ubeaut Aussie Oil.

I’ll have to try and spend a bit more time on bowls so I can upgrade my skills a bit.


Blackwood Bowl

I finished off this bowl a couple of weeks ago and I finally got around to showing it here. It’s made with a hunk of Blackwood that I had picked up somewhere. It’s about 200 mm Dia and 50 mm High. It’s finished with several coats of Ubeaut Aussie Oil. Still need to put a couple more coats of oil on it yet.

Yellowbox Bowls

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been a bit busy doing things around the house and grabbing shed time when I could.
This is a Yellowbox Bowl that I completed in January but haven’t had a chance to post yet. The walls are a bit thick but the wood blank had so many cracks in it that I wasn’t sure it would hold together at all. A liberal application of super glue to the cracks, as they appeared, and several attempts at turning it come up with a shape I was finally happy with. It was finally finished with a “Wipe on Poly” to give it a semi-gloss finish.
The big cracks in the bottom could have been filled in with something to make it look a bit better. Maybe next time. I still have another block of this left ( although it’s cracked a bit worse) so I’ll see how it come up later this year.
Might have to put this up for sale at the next market to see if I can get anything for it.

Yellow Box

Had a friend drop off a couple of pieces of Yellow Box the other day (thanks Sam). Nice looking wood but unfortunately it’s not for me. He wants me to make him up a  couple of bowls from it.

Yellow Box for Bowls
Yellow Box for Bowls

Just waiting a little while for it to acclimatise to the local environment a bit and then I’ll see what I can do. There’s a bit of splitting on the ends so I’m hoping it doesn’t go in too far and I can get a decent sized blank out of them for the bowls. Keep watching for an update

Wood Shopping

Had a day out today and took a trip up to Bowral to get a few pieces of wood. Visited the guys at All Class Timber Services , and picked up some more pen blanks and a couple of bigger turning blanks.


Not too big of a haul but it will keep me out in the shed for a while. Thanks to Simon for looking after me today.

More Bowls

Well I had a bit of time late last week so I thought I’d give a couple more bowls a go. Tried a few different styles and wood types.

They didn’t turn out too bad. Had a couple of catches with the chisels as I was going, but managed to survive the experience. I’m happy with the shapes I made but I still need to work on my finishing. Needed a bit of sanding and it’s still a bit rough in some places. I’m sure more practice will see me improve. Will have to join the local wood guild and see if I can get someone to give me a few pointers. Just need to find a few more wood blanks so that I can keep on practicing.

First Bowl

Well it’s been a while since I had the chance to add anything to my page. Things have been a bit hectic around here and I haven’t had much time to get into the shed. Finally bit the bullet today and decided I’d get in there and get something done.

I’ve wanted to try turning a small bowl for some time now, so I finally decided today was the day. Found a blank I had stored away, mounted it on the lather and went at it.

It didn’t turn out too bad for a first try. The finish is a bit rough, and I could have put another coat of wax on it to give it a better finish. Overall I’m pretty stoked for a first try and I know I’ll get better with more practice. I might have to join the local woodwork guild and get some instruction on turning.

For those interested the bowl is about 115mm dia, the wood is Silver Ash, and I used the Robert Sorby Turnmaster to do the shaping.

Now the bug has got me again I’m sure I’ll be busy in the shed for the next few weeks at least. Keep your eyes open for more posts.