Wall Hangings

Had a friend ask me to see if I could convert some old coffee table tops into wall hangings fro her. They had been made by her favourite Uncle and she wanted them to be able to be seen.

barbs hangings (1)

They both consist of patterns made out of match sticks. Something that took a great deal of time to not only make, but to collect all the matches as well.

I decided I would start on the smaller one, so I pulled off the existing edging and then put it through my sander to get it down to a constant thickness. I then spent some time trimming up the edges and getting it as square as I could. I bought some Tasmanian Oak edging and cut this to size to make a frame around the hanging.

Once the glue had dried I sanded them back and then added two coats of Teak stain to get it to the right shade ( she wants to match her dinning table). Once the stain had dried I glued around the edges of the hanging and inserted it into the frame. I has to do a small bit of adjusting with a plane as the hanging is slightly warped. Once it was in place I clamped it up and left it to dry.

Once the glue had dried I removed the clamps, cleaned off any glue squeeze out and gave it another light sand to get it ready to apply some acrylic lacquer. I gave the back a couple of coats and then applied 6 spay coats to the front. I sanded down to 400 grit paper between coats.

Once I’d finished with them it turned out pretty well.

barbs hangings (17)

Did pretty well much the same with the larger of the hangings as well. It took a bit more work as I had to thin down the backing board quite a bit to loose some of the weight so it could be hung on the wall. I also had to sand back the front a bit more as the existing lacquer was very patchy.

barbs hangings (26)

They both turned out very well and Barb is very happy with them. Once she has them hung in place I’ll try to get a photo just to show them in their final hanging space.

On to the next project.





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