June 2016

I recently had the opportunity to build a bedhead for Rebecca of Drift Interiors. As I had never built one before I saw this as a nice challenge to not only build it, but to meet the clients requirements. It didn’t turn out too badly at all.

bedhead (20)
Bedhead Installed


The gallery below shows some of the steps I went through to build it.


After building the frame, I had to size up the wooden planks to get the patchwork look. Luckily I had some used fence and floor boards that I could use for this. These I glued and nailed to the frame and then filled all the nail holes. I then built a frame around the outside of the panel to provide a top shelf and support legs. I had to  actually change the leg design after returning to the site and finding that I’d forgotten to allow for some power points that were on the wall.

After the frame was completed I sanded it all over and then masked of some of the panels. These I coated with Limewash of different colours to build up some colour and to give it some character. I then painted the outside frame and legs a white to set it off a bit. After all the painting was done I sprayed several coats of polyurethane all over. This helped give it an even sheen and to also darken down some of the wooden panels. Hopefully the client will be very happy with it and it will last in the room for a number of years.