Ball Point

There are quite a number of different styles of ball point pens that can be made into kits. Here we have Sierra (Click and Twist style), Executive Sierra, Executive Clicker, Panama Clicker, Polaris and Elegant Beauty styles.

I also have some Vertex Style pens in a Clicker and Rollerball style. The Rollerball Pen has a removable lid that is held on magnetically and can be placed on the back of the pen to improve the balance while writing. The Clicker Pen has a better, smoother action than my usual clicker pens.

These pens are all available in either wood or acrylic depending on your preference. The larger size of the pen also makes the patterned wood more easy to see.

I’ve also found some acrylics in team colours for NRL. I’ve got 4 teams so far and also NSW colours. I’ve found some more for other teams and will post photos as I get them done.

The Sierra Specials are in Circuit Board and Snake Skin.



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