New Pens

Been a busy week in the shed as I’ve been making up a lot of items for the weekend stalls and a couple of items on commission. I have also been trying some things out and made up a couple of new styles of pens to see how these go with my customers.

The first is a Sierra Style pen but with a click mechanism instead of the twist. It is a very stylish pen but I can only find it in the black and gold.

Sierra Click Pen

The other pen I’ve tried is the Panama Click Pen. This pen comes with a soft rubber tip so that it can also be used as a stylus on phones and tablets. Great when your fingers just won’t work properly on the keyboard.

Panama Click Stylus Pen

Hoping the coming weekend is fine so that I can get to the Huskisson markets and get some sales under my belt. Drop by and see me if you’re in the area.




2 thoughts on “New Pens

  1. Laraine Passmore October 31, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Hi simon can you buy these pens online and how much are they ? Kind regards Laraine


    • simonswoodstuff October 31, 2016 / 7:12 pm

      Laraine I’m not set up as an online store but, if you are interested in any of the pens, I can certainly organise to send it to you. The pens range in price from $22 up to about $65 depending on the pen you are after. If you go to the “Pens” page you can look at the different styles there. Le me know what you are interested in and we can go from there. Postage usually runs at around $13.


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